Suggestion: better /map hide in Town Chat

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by WayneKramer, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. I wish that if you used /map hide while in Town it would hide you from res chat. The reason being that one of my favorite games to play in town is Hide & Seek and I can usually get a lot of people to play since the prize is a decent amount of rupees but when players know how to use /ch r and /ch who then it makes it too easy. I wish the /map hide in Town ONLY would not make that possible.
  2. If you go by what res you're on for hide and seek it's not hide and seek...
    I don't see a point for this.
  3. I guess it could work, but more of a "Channel Off" option.
  4. How the game usually works is someone will hide in Town and it could be anywhere. Then they give clues narrowing it down. Eventually once someone knows the general area the hiding player is in they can then switch to res chat and then use "/ch who" to see who is on a specific res. From that point it's just a matter of finding where the player is on the res. It would just be nice if you did "/map hide" if it wouldn't point you out in res chat like that. That way hide and seek is on a more even ground. The only other way is to ensure every player knows they can use /ch who otherwise some players have an unfair advantage.

    or maybe a different command like "/ch off" would make this happen. It'd be nice if "/chat off" would do that since it should turn off all chat.
  5. /chat off does turn off all chat, therefore /c who doesn't work.
  6. or you know a res command like /res set hideandseek t making it to where anyone on that res is hidden from the livemap and cannot speak in res chat on that res. or something simpler like /res set chat false
  7. doing /chat off doesn't hide you from /ch who, we tested this