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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by PenguinDJ, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Dystopia will be awesome and a great way to get xp. Solved.
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  2. Sure. Gain the Xp lost from the spawn rate loss.
  3. Was that sarcastic?
  4. The server could still "spawn" them but just spawn xp... which is useless because im sure "xp orbs" are entitie
    (and would cause a boatload of lag I guess)
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  5. If mobs drop more xp, you need fewer mobs to get to level you want. This will also be good for people who hunt.
  6. We would actually like for those that make their entire gameplay off of grinding, to find other avenues for gaining xp. Like mining, and smelting. Playing the game. We are not against player grinding. However, in the past, with out limits, the grinders hurt the server, so we will not be changing the way xp drops just simply so its easier for people to collect XP one way.

    If this causes people to leave the grinders occasionally to actually PLAY minecraft, then one goal is reached.

  7. I have to say I like the decision.

    I doubt they really planned on people making grinders and whatnot when Notch and now the Mojang team came up with the game, plus the game is called Minecraft not Grindcraft :p. The way it was going there for a bit was crazy. It was kinda getting old seeing everyone only focusing on beating whoever at TEXP.
  8. I disagree. Seeing we already have exp bottles and alot of auctions for Double Chests of Enchanted Items, i say no. It'd just make enchanting easier since anyone can simply pick up a sword and beat the living crap out of npc's by the spawn area.
  9. Do you think you (staff) shall decide for the people what is interesting in Minecraft and how they should play?
    Do you think staff shall have goals to "educate" or "enlighten" people how they shall play the game?
    I don't think this can work.
    Each plays the game in his own way. Everyone needs and enjoys freedom when playing.
    If you take freedom away, it is not a game any more.
    I think people don't like to be told how to play.
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  10. A while back everything was going horrible because of grinding. People were spending all their time at grinders to the point no natural mobs were spawning. You could wander through the wild without armor. They had to start implementing rules and things have been changed now to keep it from happening again.

    There are other ways to get EXP besides grinding, Mining, smelting, EXP bottles etc.
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  11. You missed the point. (It is not about grinding.)
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  12. I don't want to argue with you on this; but we aren't telling you how to play. Minecraft can be played many ways whether it is for the outward flow of creativity or the rugged survival. In order to let each player play in his/her own way some limits have to be put in place. Not to take away that freedom from you, but it isn't fair for another person who's gameplay experience is suffering from the by-product of your fun. Unfortunately, we can't satisfy everyone, but we want to give the optimal opportunity for as many players we can. We are not intentionally stepping on your toes, but we want what is best for the community as a whole.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion - I don't want you to change your view to fit in; but be sure to look at it from other people's perspective as well.
  13. I strongly support that.

    As for grinding, mob limit and /entcount (it worked very well until few days ago, now it is showing wrong counts.) actually benefits grinding. It was a very good idea to limit number of mobs, and an optimal limit was chosen (just about enough for level 31-32).
    If there are still problems with number of mobs, a good idea would be to slightly increase the xp that mobs drop and slightly reduce the number of mobs. This would also make hunting more interesting.
  14. hmm, how so? if this is a consistent problem - report it to Aikar with as many details as is possible. Just because the limit for the area is like ?200? (can't remember) doesn't mean that all 200 are in your holding area. There is always the chance that they are mobs wandering in the caves surrounding your *I presume* grinder. F3 is still a great way to check Entities.

    As for the Xp suggestion - I don't work on the coding side of EMC so we will let Aikar and Justin discuss the logistics of this suggestion
  15. Chickeneer Covered my point more clearly. I enjoy grinding myself, so I do not discourage it.. which I said in my OP. So I do believe there was a misunderstanding. But, in the benefit of keeping things more.. Vanilla, the mob limiter just forces people to push a button, or swing a sword more often they would have in the past to keep up the same efficiency. Your recommendation really just makes it.. easier. The entity limiter keeps people from causing server wide issues on long afk times. I understand your XP idea does not affect any of that. Just the amount of xp provided per mob. However, why make it easier? It would not really be fair to provide more xp for those that grind with mob drops , vs those who just mine all the time. If anything it would be an all around XP drop increase, but if you do that, you only affect the ingame value of XP, so it really does not affect anything in the end.
  16. I honestly don't see point in giving out extra XP per mob kill. The server still spawns the mobs as often the only difference is that it limits how many will spawn... If your doing the right thing and only letting the mobs build up to like 100 then the limit won't even affect you. Lowering the amount of entities that can spawn isn't lowering the spawn rate, it increases it! So with this new entity limit grinding actually does get you more XP overall...
  17. I think it's good that it's harder for enchanters such as myself to get xp. it wil help bring prices up for sought after items. it also helps make the leaderboards more of a fair game as one person can't just use a quad spawner and getting 500 mobs. now they are limited. nice idea perhaps for smaller servers but not right for the empire me thinks

  18. Mobs spawn less through spawners
  19. Can a mod close this thread? Thanks
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