[Suggestion] being able to buy a new res

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by dannydan, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I think it would be cool if when you donated a certain amount you could choose to purchase a new res.
    for instance if you donate $20 or something, instead of getting rupees you can have a new res.
    would be cool for people who don't want to pay for supporter upgrades but pay a one of to get a new res.

  2. well if you donate 20 bucks why not get diamond supporter? you get 4 res, rupees , tnt privlages, utopia/ utopia wild, and supporter chat
  3. Buying supporter is this.
    Who wants to pay $20 for a residence,
    when you can pay the same amount for 4 of them and more perks?
  4. I believe he means a ONE TIME 20$ payment for a PERMENANT extra residence (derelect still applied, of course). and not have to continue the supporter to keep the res...
    This would not really be needed until:
    Aikar & Justin get the supporter res derelict up and running (can no longer keep reses if not supporter).
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  5. I was a diamond supporter then I wasn't and I kept all my residences.
  6. but that is ever month this is just 1 time
  7. However, they are making it (soon) where that will no longer be possible.
  8. I meant not having to pay monthly and just pay one of like 1998golfer was saying. think it would be a cool idea for those who don't want to pay £20 every month
  9. I dont think that it should be permanent, But i do think that this would be a interesting thing
    Mabey get 2 or 3 weeks for 10-15 dollers?(5 dollars a week)
  10. Or perhaps just have a limit on how many you can buy.
    idon't think that only having it for 3 weeks is such a good idea because say if i bought a new res i would want to use it as a storage and farming facility. which would be pointless if it was going to be reset after 3 weeks
  11. i agree with 1998 glofer