(Suggestion) Be able to Lock your own thread. And Delete it.

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It is

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  1. Hello there Empire Minecraft.
    I thought about this idea and was wondering what the others think.
    So lets say you made a thread and you don't like it at all and you just want to get rid of it. Why not Be able to Delete the thread. There could be a button beside it that only you can use (and staff). If a staff has already locked the thread maybe you cant.
    This idea could be used for a lot of things. If your thread turns into a Huge war and swearing and Reporting it or Pming a staff will take a bit. Why not just be able to Delete/lock it.
    Tell me what you think -
    A help from BrickStrike for this Idea in it also!
  2. Seems ok....
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  3. Well, I think something like this would help a lot if, you lock it, then ask a staff member to delete posts from an argument, and then have it reopened :p And, just being able to stop arguments quicker xD

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  4. Great Idea! Will add to OP
  5. true.... very true...
  6. This sounds like a great idea. I am still learning forum rules (I am very noobish and dumb) so if I mess up I can just pretend it never happened! Brickstrike knows about my many... many... many... derps.

    EDIT: This also can help the real noobs that are new to the forums.
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  7. I don't see any problem with this, as long as it does not apply to the auction subforum.
  8. This has been suggested in the past, and at this time. The Admin Staff have decided to keep the way things work currently. May sound inefficient, but it works just fine.
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  9. Oh wow, I thought this was a new Idea :(
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  10. Same...
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  11. Seems...like a waste of time to ask an admin to close it...
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  12. It still seems that way. It would be a useful feature and would help make your life easier with moding. Players could have the power to stop arguments.
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  13. Thats the whole point.
  14. that's a power all players should have...
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  15. All Players do have that power. By reporting a post.

    It is never a waste of time for us to do our job. Whether it is cleaning up a thread, or deleting one. The Power to lock a thread is not something that should be handed out. Where you see inefficiency, we see correctly moderated/maintained forums. There is a reason for staff members. Whether in,or out of game, we have a job, and are never bothered to do it.
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  16. How's about adding a checkbox to a thread that the author can tick when he's ready for the thread to be deleted or locked?
    Would reduce the amount mail the admins/mods recieve and I'm sure with the staffs current abilitys, it could be made simple and efficient.
  17. Not such a good idea - if it's ready to be deleted the staff member looking at it will know.

    Only Snr staff+ can see forum reports though, so the first suggestion seems fine, although the current system works.

    Also, I remember this being temporarily in place for a while, I'm assuming it was removed for a good reason. :)
  18. Ahh ok wasn't aware this has already been done. Suggestion withdrawn. :)
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