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Do you like it

Yes 24 vote(s) 82.8%
I'll contribute by giving ideas 3 vote(s) 10.3%
Needs an overhaul, but i can't think of it 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I will not use this, but meh 1 vote(s) 3.4%
I don't like the idea in general 1 vote(s) 3.4%
  1. +1
    But I think the sign should be called [TRADE] instead to avoid confusion.
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  2. One question:
    which problem would barter shop signs solve,
    or what would be the improvement,
    compared to using rupees and shops as they are now?

    you go to a shop, sell items you don't need, buy items you need.
    You don't need rupees - neither before you do that nor afterwards.
    So you already can barter.

    What would barter signs do better?
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  3. It would make it more direct and efficient and you would have the knowledge that everyone will have given you the items you want not rupees. It just forces them to do it (quicker).
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  4. +1

    this would be awesome! rupees are cool, but trading stuff is sometimes cooler ^.^
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  5. On one thing you're right, it'll force everyone to give you the items you want, but for the most part this won't be a quick or efficient process.
    Unless you're trading your items for things that are readily available for everyone (dirt, cobble, wheat, etc) this won't be as fast as buying and selling, as you'll need people who at the same time need the items you're selling and have the items you're looking for at hand. If your trade sign is really favorable for the purchaser then people might save the location and come back later with the items, but otherwise they'll just forget about it.
    You don't have these issues with regular shop signs, as you only need people who want to either buy or sell - not both at the same time - and everyone has rupees, readily available at all times on all smps.
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  6. I can see how I'd like to use this, however; I'm not certain this is a good idea big picture wise...undecided.
  7. Good idea, however I have a question:

    Number of items
    Price buy:price sell

    So if buy shops are set up like this, your idea in the OP wouldn't fit on a sign, you would need name on there as well as everything else.
  8. There would not be a 'price'

    Quantity of item giving : quantity of item receiving
    Item giving
    Item recieving

    There is no need for names of who runs it as it isn't to do with rupees.
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  9. The only issue I see in this is how it'd work in the alert system. If you don't know what I mean, like let's say I paid someone 1 rupee. That player will be notified through chat and on the forums that he/she received a rupee. Would the items be sent straight to the chest? It's confusing coding in my eyes, but in the future I would love to see this on Empire Minecraft. Great idea!
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  10. Ok so even without the price, the barter takes up the slot where the name would go and hen all the other slots would be full so no name could fit on the sign
  11. I didnt put a name on purpose because in my thinking, the only reason there is a name on the shop signs are because the server needs to link the rupee balance to someone. Since this didnt handle rupees there would be no need for it to be registered.
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  12. But the name isn't necessary, and the top rows tells you it trades, not sells/buys.
  13. In a way that you wouldn't have to go to a shop yourself to buy what you need.
    But you see, your partner in the deal would have to do that for you - would have to find the chest-shop which takes item she has and sells items she wants - and that would be even harder compared to using shops that use currency.
    In the sum, it would be more work, it would be less efficient.

    Well, it's much harder to find a partner for the deal when you request specific items.
    It's much more efficient to use currency.
    It would help though if one side of the deal would always be diamonds or emeralds.
    Then diamonds and emeralds would be the new currency.

    So you wouldn't need to care about price in rupees and about price changes.
    I see that as the major advantage of barter trading compared to using rupees on EMC.

    To get the best out of it, I'd suggest that one side of barter trading is mostly either diamonds, emeralds or coal, so people who use the shop can keep have enough of that "barter currency" e.g. in their vault.

    10 : 11
    1 Diamond

    This chest-shop gives you 10 leather for 1 diamond (left click buys leather), or gives you 1 diamond for 11 leather (right-click sells leather).
    Diamonds could go to / from separate chest(s) on the same res / in vicinity:

    Barter Trading

    More pragmatic ... under the circumstances we have here on EMC, unfortunately, it is unlikely that this idea would get enough support in the community and get implemented.
    But if, at this time, we can not solve the problems with barter chest-shops,
    perhaps we can solve them in another way, with a workaround.

    Set up for a practical barter shop:
    -> http://empireminecraft.com/threads/barter-network.63691/
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  14. Well with #redstonepower, i made a barter shop GG, need to compact it and then ill share it