[SUGGESTION] Banner Changes

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  1. Ok, so I've seen a LOT of requests for things of this nature, but not yet one like this. Some people want some sort of banner making SS Service to make more than 6 designs? Well, if it's possible, why not just remove the limit in general? I get the feeling this could be difficult/impossible, but I like this idea and think others will as well.
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  2. Forgot the freaking poll. If I report it with the request of a poll to be added with choices will that be done?
  3. It should be
  4. This is most likely impossible as EMC uses the banners that are already in the game and adding new ones seems like something mojang would have to do.
  5. But like a plug-in type thing.
  6. I know very little about making plugins so I don't know if this is possible
  7. The options themselves can be edited/added, but creation of a poll would require a new thread.

    On topic: this has been suggested before. BigDavie's response is here, where he stated it isn't likely.
  8. Well as I've said to you on several of my suggestions, if you would've READ the post, you would've seen this.

    This is different. Please start reading my suggestions before instantly saying it's bad.
  9. I read the post in detail. I was simply pointing out that this was a redundant suggestion. :)