[Suggestion] Banned Player Rupee Distribution

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Is this a good idea? (Read the post first)

Yes, this should be implimentes very soon. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Good idea in general, but needs work. 12 vote(s) 34.3%
No way, not happening, never. 23 vote(s) 65.7%
  1. Exactly what the title says. Whenever someone is banned, I think all their money should be distributed evenly throughout all players on that server. I realise that this is not a perfect solution,and there will most likely be a few issues with this, but what do you think?
  2. i like the idea but it needs work.
  3. We need more rupee drains as it is, No thanks.
  4. Needs to have a sort of "grace" period as some people may have been wrongly banned or are trying to be pardoned.
  5. Nope terrible idea because I could literally see people trying to frame other people to get them banned for rupees. It would be a greedy massacre.
  6. I think that it should be up to the moderators and other staff.
  7. Oh,Don't ban me! I'm poor!
  8. What if the banned person was banned for a rupee exploit and therefore had so much r that he gave everyone an insane amount of money?
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  9. All of this, and it would end up being around 2r for everyone most of the time anyway, probably less. I don't think it's really worth resources to spread a bunch of money out to 40k+ people, it'd take too much time
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  10. Still not a valid reason that everyone else should get a bonus off his exploits. I think the ban system is fine the way it is right now where nobody gets the inheritance of anyone's rupees.
  11. Maybe, if the mods think that that player was banned, and has NO room for appeals, that everyone who reported the player will get a share, as kind of like a "thank you for reporting this player." however, there would be tons of false reports...
    I personally don't think this would work.
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  12. I don't see this working.
    1) The distribution, unless you live on smp3 (a rich player is banned, everybody online would get about 40k each :p), would be 2r for everyone.
    2) Way too easy too abuse. False report, player is banned (it can happen, even with the great staff we have here at EMC) for a false reason, greedy people get the person's rupees.
    3) We need more rupee drains, so no thanks.
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  13. Just plain no, why would those rupees be distributed?
    Current rules state that if your banned and you are granted appeal, you are reset, materials and rupees. As such, everything should be deleted if a player is permanently banned!!

    Also, more rup drains please....
  14. Yeah this idea is just not fit enough that people should be rewarded for someone else's bad behavior. The system is good right now as it is where people just honestly report knowing there won't be any rewards but just good moral. I think this suggestion has been answered.
  15. I'm thinking that you want HappyShopper's rupees. :cool:
  16. As I said earlier, I knew that this would not be a perfect (or in some peoples oppinion, mediocre) idea, but just wanted to see what people thought.
  17. So how would this work with a banned player with 10R?

    Or, any player with less rupees than the amount of players on EMC?
  18. Maybe rounded to the nearest rupee?
    Also, notice how I said all players on the server.
  19. So how would 10R go to all 49K players?