(SUGGESTION) Ban Religious threads.

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  1. *Please note, that this is in no way meant to get people mad, this is simply a suggestion.

    So far, we have had two of these threads that have started flame wars. My suggestion, ban them. Its not that I have anything against religion or atheism, I just think that all in all, its probably the best thing to do.
    *Please note again, that if you feel like getting mad over this, please don't do it here, but send me a PM. :))
  2. I don't want to make this a rule since there are a lot of topics (even MC ONLY ones) that have generated flame wars. We'll just handle the flames as they come in. No reason to block community discussion that's civil because a few people can't behave as adults. :)
  3. I would also suggest banning political threads, although we haven't had any more since the election is over.
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  4. I dont think a ban on political threads is required, although they can cause arguments i think it is a good discussion point where everyone can get there voice heard. As for religious threads im not to sure...:p
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  5. maybe they can be flagged as a "hot topic" so that people willhopefully see that and can result in a bad time for everybody.
    doubt that would stop someone from preaching their political/religious beliefs but it could.
  6. I disagree. From the very first post, the thread about the school shooting was political.

    Although some people seem to be bothered by them, I don't feel threatened by what's been said in any of the political or religious threads I've seen here. I agree or disagree. If I think I have something useful or interesting to say, I say it.

    As long as the discussion is carried out in a mature way, I see no reason to avoid it. The staff does fine, in my opinion, policing them. If it bothers you, don't open the link.
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  7. yeah there should be the possibility of flagging threads and giving everyone who replied a warning.
  8. Like a "NSFW" label?

    Here's a story: The family I was raised in wasn't very religious. I didn't go to church regularly, but when I did, I did learn from it. I've been to many different churches and met many people with very different beliefs.

    My wife's side of the family is very religious and very strict about attending their church. One of the first Thanksgivings we shared together after I was married, we had a knock on the door and I went to answer it. There were two Jehovah's Witnesses there. I started doing what I normally have done in the past. I took their materials and started talking with them.

    All of a sudden, my Father-in-law stormed up to the door, stood in front of me and asked who they were. Once they told him, he then said, "We don't want you here." and slammed the door in their faces.

    I had previously thought highly of him, and this was a bit of a blow to me. There were other incidents, conversations, and observations I made after this that made me realize that he felt very threatened by someone who he simply disagreed with.
    Life is a smorgasbord of experiences and ideas. I don't want to close my mind off and sample just those that my parents served me. Actually, by not indoctrinating me in any particular religion, they kind of did set a path for me...

    Anyway, my point is that if I disagree with something, I don't think I should necessarily shut down anyone with a differing opinion or "win" a debate. I'm willing to listen and sometimes have learned something from it in spite of my disagreement.
  9. I think the best solution would be to create a separate forum for "Controversial" topics.
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  10. Religion is a touchy subject. There should be warnings about it.
  11. I don't even see why people make religious threads. Is it just to discuss a religion? I see no point in even creating a religious thread let alone arguing about them.
  12. or to preach...
  13. Exactly, there really is no point.
  14. There are "Houses of [insert name of religious entity]" for that
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  15. and busy street corners in new york too.
    maybe religion can just a keyword found by the system, the post gets "posted" to the main site.