[Suggestion] Ban Appeal Warning in Empire Help and Support!

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Ban Appeal Warning in Empire Help and Support?

Yes 6 vote(s) 66.7%
No 1 vote(s) 11.1%
With some changes, Yes 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Okay, this is a relativity simple suggestion but I think it should be added to stop ban appeals from being posted in 'Empire Help and Suport' Section. All I am proposing is that there should be a warning when you go into the Empire Help and Suport forum section that says something along these lines 'NO Ban appeals should be posted here! If you would like to appeal, please PM the staff member that banned you! All staff can be found here. Ban appeals that are posted on staff's walls will also be deleted!' etc. I think this would stop a lot of shoddy ban appeals from ending up in this section as there seems to be a lot of ban appeals ending up in this forum section.
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  2. What about one specific place that is made specially for ban appeals,where only mods and the person who started could reply to the thread?
  3. We already have that place. It's called a mod's inbox.

    Although a redirect subforum to the create new PM page called "Appeal a Ban" in the help & support forums would be nice.
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  4. I know how we could solve this problem.

    Everyone gather around and hear of this great new invention.
    I call it.


    It includes things such as, reading, common sense, and proper Ban Appeal usage :D
    Best of all.....Its FREE!
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  5. My god! How did you ever think of that? Gasp*
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  6. I had a team of highly trained nuclear physicists to help me invent it.

    (Also, i just realized your avatar was SlenderPony :p )
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  7. Because if someone's been banned, I doubt they've read the rules...

    And you only need to appeal if you're banned...
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  8. You're right, however most people that post ban appeals in a thread instead of in a PM aren't likely to read the rules, sad but true. Edit- Ninja'd by Jack :p
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  9. I love ponies, but at the same time I love slenderman.
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  10. There already is a thread in the "EMC Guides" forums that used to be in H&S but was moved there, unfortunately only a select few really read it.

    From what I've seen, ban appeals on the actual forums aren't really that common compared to the amount that are sent correctly, we only see the public ones so we think that they're here a lot. :)

    Jack's idea would be the best option.