[Suggestion] Auto-Lock inactive threads

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  1. Basically you have a thread, you dont ask moderator to close it. 1 year later it is bumped.....
    I think threads that are to the point of getting the red message to not bump should automatically be closed so people wouldnt get pld threads bumped

    Also: If you are the owner of the thread, just make a new one if it gets auto closed! :p
  2. This is actually a really legit idea
  3. I like this idea. I always see old threads and I'm like 'oo a double chest of diamonds auction!' (over exaggerated) and then its just someone commenting 'lol i remember when this happened'. It's very disappointing.
  4. just like what happened with your thread
  5. Word. I just looked at PenguinDJ's thread about how we need a new tutorial,
    Then realized it was made last November. It was just someone saying "We need a new tutorial."
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  6. hahaha
  7. Great Idea! :)
  8. also for the sticky threads, those would never be closed....
  9. Bump fer teh idea!
  10. Quick question, why do you format it like that?
  11. How about instead of having a bunch of locked threads, just delete unnecessary ones? Much more easier!
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  12. Weell This is a great idea but when one wants to revive a forum game thread... That would cause some issues. :|
  13. Well the concept of this idea is for them to be auto locked/deleted. Either way lol.
  14. Sometimes old threads are still relevant and when they're not, them being bumped isn't really an issue so I say no. :)
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  15. This makes it look really messy for moderators though... We have to think about them too!
  16. But what if it is auction that has already happened, but not given the "This is an old thread blah blahbump blah"? Then the title would be [AUCTION] DC of Stone Bricks! When the bump could just be "lulz i remembr wen thi happened"
    It's pretty disappointing for someone who was about to bid.
  17. Then you can hit the [report] and ask for it to be locked, or ask a moderator in game. :)

    The "this is an old thread" message only appears after a month and I think we'd find that we'd have more people asking for a certain thread to be unlocked than bumped threads that we have now.

    To be honest, a LOT of people that are about to bump an old thread probably don't do it because of the message, there's just a couple of people once a fortnight that do it anyway. :)
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  18. Auction Rules State the following:
    What should be done when an auction ends?
    Updated: 06/04/2012
    When an auction ends, please refer it to a staff member so that it can be removed from view. This will allow a clean auction section so everyone knows right away which auctions are currently active. This action can be done by anybody who wishes to be helpful. An easy way to do this as well, would be to use the "report " function on the original post and state that the auction is over in the comments of the report.

    EDIT: Ninja'd by Alex :p