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  1. I have looked through the threads and havnt seen one so im suggesting a auto join mod basically what it does is if you get kicked, server restarts, or your internet goes down and you get kicked from the server anyway, It will automatically try to connect you again to the server you where on.. is this allowed?
  2. If it doesn't Cheat,or change vanilla from server it's probably allowed.
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  3. This isn't a suggestion. It's a mod request. This also doesn't belong in the suggestion box, it belongs in the 'Acceptable EMC mods'.
    This hasn't been requested, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be accepted unless it auto-unbans you...Does this type of 'auto-join 'mod even exist outside of the Nodus Hack?
  4. I have been looking, and there are a few out there. Also, oops didnt mean to put it here :(
  5. On topic: Joining is MC based, not EMC.

    Off topic: Hey! Another doctor who skinned person!
  6. OMG :D