{SUGGESTION} Auction Reselling rules

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  1. As a businessman I notice many things dealing with shops on different smp's. At shops (specifically smp1) shop keepers do not allow the resell of their goods due to supplying issues. I think that this should be an official rule on the forums. For example, if you see a good deal you cannot buy it and sell try to sell it for more money. This would help un-clutter the auctions and make everyone happy. The people who would sell the items would not loose money and auctioneers would get maximum profit. People wouldn't be bad and sellers would sleep better at night :p. I had this idea and to be honest I don't know if it is a life changing idea but it would make some people happy. Maybe if you buy somethign and didn't want it you can resell it over a period of 1-2 weeks. This is just an idea i had. It is no life changing idea but it may make some people happy.
  2. This will not be made into a rule. It's not a bad thing when people do this. In fact, it's mega smart. If you're NOT doing this while playing in any economy situation, you SHOULD be.
  3. Wouldn't this be extremely difficult to enforce?
    Also, this idea would harm me as a fair amount of my income comes off of speculation, buying things at a low price in hope you can get rid of them for more.
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  4. This idea scares me...
  5. Like i said, I am just throwing this out here. It would make some people happy but I do this with shops but not on the forums. The problem is I have seen some people get a bit annoyed with this (while my former shop promoted reselling) but I agree. Thanks for the insight, cow.
  6. In real life, this system of buying/making cheap and selling for more always occurs, I actually like the idea of it, everyone makes a profit at the end of the day :)
  7. I... Don't think this is the best thing for EMC.
    Auctions are meant for a person to restock a shop, or just get items they need for a project, so it wouldn't make sense if I couldn't resell my winnings.
    While, yes some shops don't like people reselling, after they buy, it's technically the buyers choice to resell or not.
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  8. Also, this would be impossible to regulate. Say someone buys a double chest of dirt for 10 rupees. Then they go auction a double chest of dirt for 50 rupees. There's no way of knowing if he's auctioning off the dirt he just bought or dirt he had saved up.
  9. Well. The person bought it. It theirs now. What does the guy who sold it care...
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  10. This is like, word for word EXACTLY how I made over a half a mill. I'm with ICC in that it's a part of economy :)
  11. I feel that it is a bit rude to the auctioneer to just immediately sell it immediately after you get it. Personally I wait a couple months before I even consider getting rid of it, and even then, I don't make a thread about it, I sell it In game
  12. Well really, you shouldn't feel bad. If they don't like it that you sold it for more they were just as welcome to sell it or make the starting price higher. If you won the item fair and square there's nothing wrong with reselling.
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  13. Well I feel it more with promo items and staff items

    Promo items- they were implemented so YOU could use yours and have an enhanced game experience. If you got an ore buster for resell value rather than to actually use, I would reccomend whether you are playing for fun, or if it has become an addiction. And with the promo horses, are some words really more important than a super cool horse that runs around and has a soecial ability?

    Staff books- if the staff member spent time thinking, and wrote a book especially for you, why should you sell it? With things like that, I could understand a staff member getting slightly saddened or angered that you don't value their thoughts.

    That's just my two cents, but everything else I kinda understand, although I'm not too big a supporter of it
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