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do you like this Idea/ Rule Change

Yes this seems fair 12 vote(s) 92.3%
No this does not seem fair 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. With my auction of selling a quad enchanted sword for 8.5k the buyer is still yet to pick the sword up he has paid and I have set up a chest with access for him with sword inside and it has been close to a month now and it makes my res look a little tacky..... we need a new rule where if the buyer does not pick the item up within a month then they lose the item and its your choice (Moderators) if they have to pay
  2. Regarding your auction: Ask a mod if you can void the auction or give it to the next highest bidder.

    Regarding the suggestion: You can already do the above if you list it in the au tion op.
  3. ok thank you
  4. Honestly, that is probably the best idea.
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  5. I have come up with another idea to make this idea better while you can look back at the forums but to initiate this count down of a month or so you must put down a sign with the item in a chest with the buyers access and the sign says that date it was put down and then a month after that day then the auctioneer will be able to do what ever the amazing admins of EMC allow them to
  6. And this also needs to be something that donation will not save you from because just cause they donate does not mean they wont do this, like with my auction mentioned ^ the person who bought it was a diamond member
  7. just tell mods then reauction it/give to second highest bidder
  8. Please start a conversation with a Staff member regarding this problem. Include a link to the original auction thread. Each situation is addressed individually. The problem with setting up an official system is that sometimes exceptions have to be made.
  9. #GoodIdea
  10. there is already a guide on if they haven't picked up and paid within 48 hours you are within all rights to re-auction the item provided you have attempted to contact and set up a payment/pick up time with the auction winner

    the best time to do this is once some one has won your auction start a convo with them stating they have won your auction " state the amout they owe and where they can pick up" also linking the auction thread is very helpful.

    also setting up a access chest before you have been paid is not wise i suggest waiting until you get payment to avoid haing to bother the mods/admins

    follow this suggest and you should never have a issues with an auction again
  11. What I'd so is in the OP, state that if the auction winner has not picked the items up within (Insert time over 48 hours here), you reserve the right to re-auction or keep the items for yourself.
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  12. Well the one problem for this auction is he paid the 8.5k and I cant refund it because I spent it : P
  13. are you sure the player hasnt been banned? or maybe they just updated and cant get in for some reason
  14. Yes I am sure they have not been banned I check the player daily, but that's a good point they haven't been on for 15 days
  15. in that case contact him state where he can pick it up and add a mod to the convo. they well give you a time that you must keep it before you can re-auction it
  16. I have stated him in a PM and will add a moderator
  17. What if his Pc blew up... Sorry had to :)
  18. Erm?