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Good idea:

Yes 2 vote(s) 11.8%
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  1. This pretty much explains it all.
    All it does is stop X-ray from even working.
  2. Being one to go on 4 hour mining trips and return with 6-7 stacks of iron usually around 30 diamonds an 1-2 stacks of gold and other assorted ores.....I don't think this is a good idea.....I don't want to not be able to mine ores i find......
  3. I think they are working on ways to block things like this, (Oops, we have one =D)but there is surely better ways than limiting the amount of ores you can mine.
  4. We already have anti-xray. It's just done much better way than that one.
    Spigot forums may or may not explain all.
  5. Alright i didint read the bukkit thread to closely. Can a mod please close this thread.
  6. Do we have the ore version or the stone one?
  7. Not got a clue. Funnily enough, I haven't tested it.
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  8. Listen to the Panda!
  9. Funny thing is, i just saw someone in the wild using X-ray, and i reported them :3
    (they admited it in chat without knowing i was there )
  10. The reason this cant be implemented, besides Aikars post and that we have built in stuff already, is that many people harvest ores all at once. I put down three stacks of redstone recently, in the wild, and harvested it. I dont want to have to wait to harvest my ores because of a plugin. Many large shops that sell coal and other "fortune-able" ores "store" stock as ores. They shouldnt have to deal with not being able to harvest ores and thus delaying restocking their shop due to this plugin.
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  11. I don't like the idea of "limiting" ores... If you find it it's yours ;)
  12. I skimmed the description and didn't catch that. I like to Silk Touch ores also because they stack better and like to break it up all at once or as I need it with a Fortune pick. If I couldn't do that, I could live with it, but my days of building big, smart-ass pyramids of Redstone or Coal ore would be over.
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  13. lol, I read the first few comments... and was confused why so many people were against anti X-ray. Than I clicked the link... lol

    Closing this thread due to the fact this won't be added.
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