Suggestion: anti spam with disconnecting.

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Do you think this is usefull?

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  1. Lately ive seen new players come to EMC and find that they have to go through a tutorial. So they think,'hey, ill just disconnect for a sec then come back and I wownt have to do the tutorial!'. After he does that he finds nothing has changed, but he decides to do it again, again, and again, and so on(belive
    me,I did the same thing xD). But while they do that they spam the chat which is very annoying. I recommend a system that will hide these spaming 'player has diconnected'. what do YOU think?
  2. Is there not a /ps setting to turn notifications off for join/disconnecting?
  3. I just checked, there doesnt seem to be such a setting, im going to check again anyways
  4. nope there isnt 100%
  5. Ok I was wrong about turning it off. The option is to have it display in the action bar instead. So would be floating on screen instead of in chat. This way you'd only see 1 line.
  6. You can turn them completely off using /c status off, or move them to your action bar using /settings. :)
  7. Oh cool thanks :)