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Should goodbye threads be allowed

Yes 2 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Okay, so I know this can be a controversial topic, so please no flaming about previous goodbye threads from other players.

    So most of us have seen a goodbye thread at one point on the forums, they almost always contain someone who is leaving and why they are leaving (whether it be because they are banned or because they have life issues etc.) I think they should be allowed, now these are my reasons why I think they should be allowed in my opinion;
    • It lets us (the community) know a player has left and the reason why, so it doesn't seem like they have just disappeared out of the blue with no explanation
    • I think every player is entitled to let people know they're leaving EMC, perhaps with a story about all the times they have had on and thanking players/staff and maybe even to give their belongings away (if the player is choosing to leave voluntarily)
    Now, I know there are some issues with goodbye threads, the obvious one being that it may put off new players that have just joined, they may think 'why are they leaving' and then they may think it must be a bad server because people are leaving (which of course, is not the case). The other problem is with 'flaming' (aka people arguing) the player may not be liked by all and this may cause some issues with other players, they state their opinion which usually results with the OP getting mad. Another issue is with people 'slagging off' EMC, which results in people getting mad and usually a flame war.

    So I've stated the pro's and con's, here is some ways in my opinion to 'fix the issues';
    • Anyone who 'slags off' EMC should either have the thread removed (locked like it currently is), or the parts that are 'slagging off' EMC removed.
    • Goodbye threads should be heavily moderated to prevent flaming, the issue with this is that it takes up staff time.
    • Optional: Banned players should not be able to post goodbye threads, only those who leave voluntarily
    I may add more to this, but this is all I can think of for now.

    So what's you opinion on this matter? I will take constructive criticism, but please for the sake of not being rude do not post 'how about no meme's' and instead give your feedback.

    NOTE TO ALL: As I was typing this, I DID NOT know that wisepsn just made his. Sorry to staff it seems like we are all going mad lol.
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