[Suggestion] Allow voting to postpose derelict status

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  1. I think Empire suffers a little on the voting sites, because Empire does not make voting as essential to playing as many other servers do. A lot of servers are configured so that if you don't vote every day, you don't have enough in-game money to keep your residence safe.

    It's one of the things that really makes Empire shine above other servers, but the downside is less votes, because nobody actually needs to vote.

    I suggest implementing a system where every four server votes (for example, the number could be more or less) will increase your derelict status by one day, but never beyond the existing 14 day limit.

    This would mean that players who don't subscribe, and are on holiday or at work/school have an increased incentive to vote even though they can't play.
  2. Erm, yeah, this was added about a week ago...
  3. This was already added...
  4. It's already set up so that voting puts it back up to 14 days.
  5. Oh lol, so it was. Apologies. I see voting now resets your residence status. That's a lot more generous than I was suggesting!

    I reckon voting should add a day to your status (up to 14 days) rather than resetting it straight to 14 days. That way people would be encouraged to vote more often than once every two weeks.
  6. I'll just quote Aikars text for you :)
  7. Very kind of you, although I did read the first reply telling me it was already done, and apologised in a reply.

    I still think the 1 vote = 14 day reset is a little generous!
  8. We just put it like that for now, just so we had SOMETHING like this in place. The idea IS to encourage more voting, so you are right, we will try and come up with a system where it's not so "overpowered" but still fair enough for people to want to use it. :)
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