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  1. I think that emc should either have a command for being afk or if u r idle for more than 10 minutes like doing nothing then when someone does /p then then it will say the person is afk
    plus if u pm them it will tell u that they are afk
  2. /afk

    It should be but no thing like: PlayerX has gone AFK
    Just when someone /tell PlayerX
    It says that "PlayerX is AFK try again later"

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  3. It wouldn't be so much work, You see Justin would just have to delete the # in the plugins.yml file inside Essentials.jar and then would have to bind the currently afk output with the ignored command.
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  4. I know this comment in some other servers!
  5. Yeah! :p
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  6. It sounds like a good idea, providing the anti spam system's set up so that you can't spam the command (which would spam chat).
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  7. If it's like that then I still have to say "afk" when I go afk because of the sheer amount of people that don't bother using /p and yell at me in local/town instead of using /tell.
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  8. Yeah lol i say AFK and then people still keep asking me stuff XD But i get what ya mean i ran a server went on to PMC and advertised (listed it) and then got max slots and some idiot was going /afk then would move so he was quickly banned and i have a plugin that can clear chat so that worked :p
  9. This is a very good idea, especially the ping-back message saying that 'X is currenlty AFK', i'm sure it can be made, justin can make anything!
  10. i know