[Suggestion] AFK Kick Changes

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  1. Ok, so my suggestion is simple. Supporters do not get kicked for AFK. I know several other servers where the non-donors will get kicked for AFK but the supporters do not. And it's super awesome. It'd be helpful for farms, and wouldn't be super bad lag wise. Show me your feedback in the Poll and Comments!
  2. You're only kicked if you are on a full server. And then you can rejoin with no problem because supporters have reserved slots. The only people I see this helping are those that are afk at farms overnight and nowhere near their computer. Doesn't sound very fair to me.
  3. Utopia is auto-kick free 99.9% of the time. :)
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  4. -1 Can't ever see this happening.

    I afk at my farms and if I've some people cannot get on because I am 'using' a slot, then I should always be kicked. I fully understand that rule and am ok with it. Most times I afk at night when my smp is pretty empty so this wouldn't really help me. Plus doing this just takes 1 more spot from someone who wants to get on.
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  5. Yes, it would be a wonderful idea; As everyone else said though, most of the time servers are not gonna kick you as long as there is no events occurring on the server you plan to afk on. But if your a supporter, you do have a free slot to join. So you would only need to stay near your computer and move your mouse a little. As I see it, it is unfair to users willing to play and your afking on a server in which a event is occurring and they are willing to play as your not. So I got to say I may have to disapprove of your idea, as for how wonderful it is; it's not as thought out as I expected though. So -1 But thank you for contributing for a nice idea that the community may like.
  6. -1. Just because we pay, doesn't mean we're exempt from the rules.
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  7. Meh, they all said stuff that has been pushed on the community. Most servers acknowledge this is an obvious perk for supporters BUT.... It just wouldn't really matter. I have always been a supporter and I play on one of the busiest smps. When I afk I usually get kicked but its not really that big of a deal. Later I log back in to play. I may get an hour or two in a day of afk farming and when I'm really lucky I will get like 4-5. Generally thats just when I got to do household "chores" though and even then I have to relog. Which again, I'm checking anyways it doesn't hurt to click two buttons.