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  1. So, some time ago we received the release of residence groups to alter flags easier. With this, I'd hope to bring in some advanced residence messages.
    What I mean by this is if I were to type;
    /res message MagisterDelirus <enter/leave> <text>
    This would allow only I, the residence owner, to view this specific res message (or specify any other players).
    A way to implement the flag groups would work the same way but like this;
    /res message !group <enter/leave> <text>

    This would allow the owner to leave notes for him or herself, other players, or groups of players. Or just to give nice little messages for specified players.

    If you were to still do the natural way of setting a residence message;
    /res message <enter/leave> <text>
    Then it would default to anyone not specified, kinda like how flags work but without pset/set

    You could also specify res locs, this would trigger everytime used, but if entering the res first time it would override the entire res message sending out only the res loc message. So if you were to type;
    /res message loc.location enter <text>
    You could then have special messages for just entering that area. This would be like having a book message but with more flexibility.

    EDIT 2:
    The option to remove the res message altogether.
    The reasoning to this is because some people center their residences based on the connecting roads, so when they go across the road to continue onto the next portion of the res it spams chat massively
    /res message remove <enter/leave>
    This would just remove the message from entering into chat, and it can be brought back at any time with '/res message <enter/leave> <text>' again
  2. Caden likes this. :) I find it interesting to be able to leave some sort of notice for yourself or for other players upon entering the residence.
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  3. I shall give this... Hmmmm.. A+! Great idea
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  4. Bump for advanced res messages!
  5. +1 I like it!
  6. This needs more attention, bump!
  7. EDIT: The option to remove the res message altogether.
    See OP for more details.
  8. This hasn't been bumped in a while, so I'm gonna revive it a bit. Looking for feedback still =)
  9. I like the idea, but for simplicity, groups only, and would be another supporter perk.

    However, there is one problem to solve: If a player is in 2 groups, and 2 groups both have a message set.... which one shows?

    I guess could just do it alphabetical priority.
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  10. Doing only groups is probably for the best, and alphabetically as well. For if someone were to throw another in 10 groups it'd end up in major spam of their chat.

    However what are your thoughts on having a command to remove res messages entirely?
  11. It's already possible. /res message remove enter

    check the wiki =P
  12. I've honestly never noticed that be implemented or thought of just trying it. Assumed it didn't exist lol