[Suggestion] Addition to the Entcount Command

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Jay2a, Jan 26, 2015.


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  1. Recently, I've been thinking about something:What types of animals are on my residence? I only know of 6 animals on my residence, and they're all cows, but /entcount tells me that there's 25 animals. What if there was an addition to the entcount command so that when we typed it in, it would not only say how many animals there were, but what types there were? It would help us know what to look for if we don't know what animals are there.

    Yes, the chat could get a little hard to follow if you're somewhere out in the Wastelands or Wilderness, but there could be an option to disable showing what kinds of animals there are. Anyway, that's all I have to say, feel free to say any comments or complaints you have in the comments.
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  2. Yes please. +1.
  3. Yay, my friend had 60 chickens buried like in some random place on his res and he found it and we don't know when that got there ot why
  4. I think most of the entities in my property might be chickens from when throwing eggs in town was still enabled.
  5. I like this idea, I still have 2 unknown entities on my res lol. perhaps the command could be /entc types and it would toggle between showing the normal entc and the detailed one. Although the code might be a bit tricky to implement. I'm unaware of any way to return the type of mob using the forge api, although what aikar uses could be better.
  6. I suggested this a few months ago, never got a reply from staff (I think).
    I still do want to see this added though.
  7. +1 for usefulness
  8. Right now it's currently possible, even with command blocks, to detect exactly what type of entity you want to.