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  1. Hey EMC,

    There has been many things that i found to bother me with the /res tpsign command, like how you can only do it in the res that you are in, They should add it so if you have "Admin" flag on a res and you want to tp to that res from you res, you can do /res tpsign on it and when you dod it, it would be as it is now, but it will tp to that point in that res, Does anyone know what i mean? Also could someone back me up with anything you suggest that would also improve it.

    Sorry for bad typing, on a laptop that was thrown down the stairs, and is half broken :p
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  2. I know what you mean - but it's more of a 'security' (if that's the right context) issue.

    Because imagine you have a maze on one res and give someone access to build ... they could essentially sneak and add (or even without perms) could add a tp sign to that res using an rts sign or /v (number) (sign name) ... and it would be able to bypass restricted areas within the maze.

    As of now their is only one possible way to do this - you could have a staff member world edit your rts sign to another residence and the sign will retain it's value.

    ...if you try manually doing it yourself at the moment, typing /tp sign and then [teleport] on another res it will say you're not on the residence ... or if you try manually typing the numbers on an rts sign exactly number-for-number it will auto-update and not work.