[ SUGGESTION ] adding a ban appeal question to the tutorial

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  1. title speaks for it self. simply adding a new step or making the tutorial more complicated. either way it needs A REALLY BIG upgrade. aren't we all tired of people getting out of the tutorial and asking questions they had to solve?

    question would be : Where do you go to appeal a ban?
  2. The problem I see with this is...

    I am walking through the tutorial of this new server to me :)
    I see that if you get banned, you can appeal and come back... Not really sending the right message in my opinion.
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  3. I was going to suggest have a little notice put onto the thread creation page saying "If you are trying to appeal, you are doing so incorrectly. Please PM the mod who banned you" if you typed either "ban" or "appeal" into the subject line, and automatically deny any appeals that ignore that warning - although this could work too.
  4. well the idea obviously should be approved on, its more of the concept that gets across. most people who get on don't care to read other things. they care to appeal. in that case they are going to go post before reading anything. if its in the tutorial then it would get seen by everyone.
  5. i understand what your saying. but regardless of it being there or not they are going to appeal anyway. the idea of this is so if they do appeal ( which most ppl do ) they know where to go.
  6. Chickeneer has a good point
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  7. #Kinda-Approved
    Maybe the ban message could be:
    You have been banned by: IcecreamCow
    Reason: Your too awesome nfell
    Dont Appeal on forums. PM Me.
  8. i dont know if its possible to do that. i always thought that it was the same for every server. i dont think that the ban message thing can be changed unless they make an entire new plugin