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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by brickstrike, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Not much to talk about here other than it would help organize that forum a bit more than it is. "[SELLING]" threads could be put in there, and all the services and businesses we would see on the initial forum. Don't expect a lot of comments on this other than just "meh", so if you could at least vote, that would help. Thanks :)
  2. crap... I hit enter before I had the poll up, can a moderator please just make a yes/no poll for me? Thanks. :p
  3. I like this idea. I say Yes please :)
  4. You understand that more forums mean harder to moderate correct?
  5. Actually, we used to have separate forums for them. However, something I've learned over time is that less is more when it comes to forums. Personally, I, in the past would love to have a sub category for everything that I could think of for forums. But, it's more spread out and there's less activity in each category that way. It's better to use [Tags Like This] to help differentiate posts in those categories. :)
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  6. smooch is very sassy tonight
  7. Ah, ok. :) I have a bit of OCD so don't mind me >.>
  8. Trust me, I super understand that. Even though i know the way we have it now is better, it still bugs the OCD part of me all the time.
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  9. We had a products forum before the marketplace forum was reorganized
  10. I knew about it, just not really why it was changed until IcC posted here. I don't have much reason to carry out this suggestion anymore, because it was more of "I don't see why not, until told why not" kind of thing >.< The more you know, you know. :p So, umm. Yea, can a moderator please close this thread? Thanks. <3
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