[Suggestion] Add home server to player profiles

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  1. I think it would be cool to add a place (under player information) which displays the player's home SMP/ server (and able to be edited in personal details). I think it should be able to be chosen from a list of SMP1-9, as well as Utopia, just to keep it somewhat uniform. I feel this should at least be displayed under the "Information" tab on player profiles, and perhaps even the side bar underneath where it states (if people filled it out) occupation and location.

    Many people will state, well I already have it in my location (which is actually used by many people as their irl location, not in-game, making it a bit cluttered when trying to have both).

    I think it would also be cool down the line to also be able to either search the registered members list for people by server, making it easier to engage with neighbors, allowing players to meet new people. (I due realize this last part might be a quite a while until hopefully an update comes about for Xenforo)
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  2. +1

    I think this would be a fantastic feature to have on your profile. Although I think we should shy away from the latter portions of your suggestion and just keep it simple. Just a drop down box to show what our home server is would be great! SMP3 lifer here
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  3. We've looked at something like this before, but there are a few aspects that made us not do it.

    1) Players have signatures to include whatever info (like this) they feel necessary
    2) Players sometimes align with more than one smp. Was a major issue in the EMC Games ages back, and continues to be prevalent. We LIKE players participating on multiple servers, so not going to complain there.
    3) It takes code, and with reason 1 in existence, it's code time that could be spent on something else.

    Let's just call this one tabled til forums get an update. Then we'll look at it again.
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