{SUGGESTION} Add Aikar's Crazy Mobs

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  1. Anyone remember the night krysyy, moose, and jim were promoted or the night on SMP1 when aikar had a super marlix? I think that the EMC should implement some of Aikar's crazy ideas. I remember "Machinegun_Kelley" which were skeletons which shot out arrows at amazing rates. There was also "Machinegun Marlix's" which were like normal marlix's but shot arrows also at extreme rates. I know aikar has more of these mad idea's but these are just a few. IF you don't implement them into ./waste and ./wild at least put them into mob arena when it comes back.
  2. Ah i was there...good times :)
  3. To many arrows at a time, would lag the whole server
  4. The trick was that the arrows ha a much lower despawned time. From far enough away, the arrows barely reached you before they disappeared, otherwise it would be far too easy the arrow farm.
  5. Think you mean SMP2.
  6. Nope. Before krysyy got promoted he had some on smp1.
  7. I don't know if you tried to fight the machinegun marlix's, but they were not fun to go up against, because of the arrow knockback. I think they are a little too OP to be a regular feature.
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  8. projectile protection 4 was useful for sure
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  9. On smp2 when Aikar spawned a ton of creepers, I got shot all the way into some huge crater that was made and creepers were spilling inside like crazy, there were already a ton there anyways. Good thing I had unbreak 3 prot 4 diamond armor or I would be dead. If this was a normal feature. Then the wild/waste would be crazy.
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  10. Also, because we were right next to the wastelands spawn we all have resistance II, strength II, and regeneration II from the activated beacons, so that helped a bit :p
  11. i wish i had been at the smp2 fight, i was 10k blocks out on my island, Minerva
  12. If Dystopia ever comes out,why not have the crazy mobs there?
  13. dystopia?
  14. Opposite of utopia- always night, enraged mobs, etc.
  15. i like it, a hardcore mode of emc lol
  16. If aikar and others already summoned them; they're already added in. ;3
  17. very true