[suggestion] Add A Court House!

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is this a good idea?

yes 3 vote(s) 27.3%
no 8 vote(s) 72.7%
  1. What I mean by this is, if anyone gets into trouble they would go to court and random citizens would have to attend it. As jury duty, and a Admin would be the juge and explain the people what he did then they would vote.
  2. That would be a bad idea, Than we get Friends Politics if just 8/10 of his friends join he gets to play when he doesn't deserve it :)
  3. This isn't going to happen, sorry. :)
    • Popularity - popular players will probably just get found not guilty if they get into trouble
    • We have staff who are specially picked for their judgement and ability to call what's good, what's bad and how to handle it among other things.
    • As SirZomb said; friends and tying into the first point, bias
    • EMC is not a democracy - our leaders aren't voted in and neither should we be able to vote for who's banned and who isn't. It's fine that way. :)
  4. If someone gets banned by a mod, there is always strong evidence of their doing. Such as a guy trying to set me on fire right in front of Shaun.
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  5. Yeah like everyone else said, popular players would just get the not guilty and unpopular players will just be guilty by verdict.
  6. This is not a good idea.
    Let's say that Alex is charged with greifing, but there is no evidance.
    Let's also say That Battmeghs, SoulPunisher, and Pandaeatsramen HATES Alex, and they are all put on Jury duty.
    They can easily say "Gulity", and Alex would be Perm. banned for no reason.
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  7. We are Empire Minecraft not Democracy Minecraft...
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