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  1. I'm suggesting, if there is not alot of coding, to add the ability to add access signs to any part of a chest. I find myself having to change designs based on the ability to place access signs for people. For example, my pick up room.

    Let me know what ya think!
  2. Issue, is if it is anywhere, if there is a sign say on the side, and there is a chest beside it, it would have access to both chests, Only way it would work is to have it so it would only take from the chest it is placed on, and be invalid if it is standing on an non chest block...

    There as an issue a while back with the shop signs doing this, and there was a bunch of coding to be done to fix this...

    It is possible, but may take a bit, due to the list ahead of them first.
  3. true, i was ,more or less, trying to suggest coding to allow the use of access signs on the front of chests (i.e shop signs).