[Suggestion] A Way to turn of the shop message!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by finch_rocks_1, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I have been wondering of there is some way to turn of the shop message "/shop message off" or something like that, i have like 99% of the people on smp6 agree with me coz it does get a bit annoying sometimes.
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  2. erm, the most I could think of would be truning of chat completely.
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  3. yea but when u are trying to talk and all u can see is FGHJG bought 64 fGHJGF for DFGHH
  4. I am aware of that.
    But there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of them.
    And turning chat off doesn't work unfortunately, I just checked.
  5. Would make more sense with:
    A brought B for C

    And I like the idea
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  6. I rarely go mining on my Town server, but the last time I did, someone spamming one of my chests almost got me killed.
  7. thats y i want them to add a way to turn it off so u dont see the spam.
  8. The chat system in general makes me miss like any MMORPG I've ever played with their General, Private, Trade, Party and Guild tabs... It would be awesome if we had tabs, wouldn't it?