[SUGGESTION] A topic just for community ideas.

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Topic just for the communities ideas?

I want! I have tons of ideas! 21 vote(s) 77.8%
No. 3 vote(s) 11.1%
With some adjustments, this could be great! 3 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. So recently I thought of some ideas that I personally thought would be a fantastic addition to EMC.
    What I am proposing is a topic or sub-topic, just for suggestions/ideas that the community wants. I think this would be a great way for us members to have more of a say into what gets added to the EMC code and forums. The ideas could be for anything related to the servers or forums.

    So please tell me if you think this is a decent idea.
  2. Yes I think this would be a great idea having an idea thread it would be a great way for me to quickly start a thread about an idea without having to sift through the topics. I hope this gets added :D
  3. Wow that was a few ideas.. A lot but not as much as I expected...
  4. Great :)

    Please explain your reasoning Shaun? ;)
  5. This is a great idea ! :) Kinda like the Mod one, seeing if it gets accepted or not !
  6. I think that is what "Community Discussion" is for. To post ideas, discuss it and maybe get it approved by Justin
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  7. How about we see it like this: Auctions are what the community marketplace are for. - We put this in a sub forum in the Community Discussion.
    Yay! :)
  8. I believe this could turn out to be very good.
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  9. *like*
  10. Bumpppppp :)
  11. Maybe an empire national mob arena, on smp 8. You could fight scores of mobs with damage on :D
  12. Speaking of Justin... I haven't seen him for a few days... is he still here?
  13. I hope hes still here :O
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  14. He had to re-write most of the EMC platform code, remember?
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  15. I got the idea to make 1 extra world with a PVP area!
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  16. *Dislike* PVP is not for EMC it would be great fun but I think it could cause conflicts between people... so I dont think that would work :/
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  17. That's true I agree with that. :)
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  18. That will never happen
    The Moon will spontaneously combust before that happens........and even then
  19. Maybe a residence where everyone can build to make something together?
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