[SUGGESTION] A Special Minion Guardian Fishy for... Uh, Kryysy can decide the holiday for this one

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  1. I know the title is a little long, but basically it is a guardian spawn egg (the fish, don't get confused now) promo which will be able to be named by spawning it and right clicking and an Anvil Interface will come up with the Guardian Egg in the slot, just rename the Guardian Egg and it will be named (In blue text, it's a Promo, I mean really why not) as a normal mob would. It would fight for you, but it would be an Elder Guardian. It may sound OP, and this will probably be closed, but just saying it would be a nice thing to have.

    Just a note, the poll will not be closed anytime soon. Anyone think Fifty Weeks is a little overkill?
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  2. Oh, snatching the coveted first post eh?
  3. No one wants a Guardian Minion promo? :(
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  4. I like the idea :D
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  5. Thanks, Hook.
  6. Sounds good! Now all we need is an annual "Get a minion fish day"
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  7. Yep, that's why I put "Kryysy will decide the holiday for this one" in the title :p

  8. Like Idea a lot
  9. Thanks for the support, guy! It's been great!