[SUGGESTION] A previous ideas with /alt

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  1. So this was never confirmed or denied in any way, so here is a idea from a while back.

    Add /alt.
    /alt, will pop up a few "clickable" things, [add] [confirm] [alt settings] [alt financials] [alt help]
    • [add], will give you the message "type /alt add <player name>" after it is sent you get a code[Example: 83cE4d].
    • [confirm], will give you the message "type /alt confirm<player name> <code>" The code will help not have people spam "popular" players with invites. Side note: The account that "confirms" is the "main account"
    • [alt settings], will pop up more "clickables" such as, [show in /p] [res perms] [More later]

    • [show in /p] Pretty obvious... shows in /p if you are an alt, or any alts you have
    • [res perms] Not sure if this would be possible but would pop up the settings and let you set for all your reses.

    [alt financials] This is what people would use I think. Pops up more "clickables" such as [Alt banking] [Alt rupees] [Transfer money]

    • [Alt banking], would pop up a message saying "Use /alt deposit <percent> <alt> to deposit that <percent> to that <alt>."
    • [Alt rupees], would pop up a message saying "Use /alt rcheck <alt> to check the current amount of rupees on <alt>"
    • [Transfer money], would pop up a message saying "Use /alt pay <amount> <player> <alt> <reason>"

    [alt help], In game help on /alt
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  2. I like the idea, but it sounds like a lot of work for the dev team. Maybe after we update to 1.9 and add grief protection we could add this.
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  3. and after dragon tombs (aka never)
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  4. Dragon tombs will happen one day...one day...
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  5. When the sun sets in the east and rises in the west.
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  6. Why do we keep bringing up Dragon Tombs? I thought that was a legend from three years ago...

    ANYWAYS. While it's a neat idea, I don't think it's needed since most alts are already widely known.
  7. I agree with that, but I think the rupees/banking part could be very helpful for mall/shop owners.
    I feel this is a less of showing alts and more of a helpful thing for alt owners
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