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Should EMC have a new tutorial?

Yes! 27 vote(s) 84.4%
No! 5 vote(s) 15.6%
  1. Hello EMC,
    I would really like to see a new and improved tutorial. This is because I see players, day after day, that don't know how to use commands, create a shop, etc. It would be awesome if a new tutorial included almost ALL parts of the guide, but not at the same time (See part 1). So now some stuff that I think should be included...

    1) A randomized tutorial- I am SURE that some players are taken for a tour of the tutorial by their friends. This is just not acceptable. To make players who HAVE passed the tutorial don't just do /tutorial and /town until they find your friend, maybe you could only join 1 different tutorial a day. For example, I could to /tutorial and /town as many times as I want, but I could only join tutorial x.

    2) Invisible Players- To prevent cheating, possibly code a plugin so that people are invisible to one another in the tutorial. However, I still like my first suggestion better because you could talk on the phone and get the same answers.

    3) A few in-game questions- Maybe that when you sign in, there would be a message saying You have a chance to answer some questions for Rupees! Just do /questions! I think this should be 3 questions, worth about 20-30r a piece. Players are encouraged to use the Guide. To prevent people getting rich on this, which already is a big problem, you could only claim 500r a week.

    4) Suggested by JackBiggin- Just click the link: http://empireminecraft.com/posts/309215/
    I will probably add more things to this in the future. Please use the poll to tell me what you think of a new tutorial, or explain what YOU think should happen in the comments!

  2. Maybe the tutorial does require some tweaking since its been the same for as long as I can remember but players can always read the empire guide which basically tells them everything
  3. Yes, they can. They just choose not to.
  4. Any other replies?
  5. I chose not to read the guide...
    I missed a few times.
    The next day I had to see the guide on forums to make shops and stuff lol..
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  6. This one is the best out of all of them, and we already have simplyvanish. Just edit it so that players in the tutorial are invisible - it's not hard.
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  7. To be honest, I agree that the tutorial needs a revamp, but to be honest, I'd be much more extreme with it.

    Maze. Gone. I'd make it all into "real world" scenarios, but the tutorial would start the moment you start EMC.

    Think of it this way: you login for the first time. Your chat is disabled, but you start at town spawn. However, instead of the normal messages in chat, tutorial mode is activated. Here it guides you through pretty much everything, while you do it at the same time. For example, in chat it would say "Type /v open to teleport to an open res. Then use the command that appears in chat to claim it. Your res is your protected area. It's 60x60, and is completely safe.". After they've claimed their res, they get the first batch of rupees and the tutorial would continue.

    For example, it could have a fake payment message in chat, then say "Look, you've just been paid 100r off IcecreamCow! Use the command /r to check how many rupees you have now." So do /r, and it explains what rupees are for, how they work, how to get them, all the commands. It could ask you to pay JustinGuy 50r, but the whole thing would be simulated.

    Then have a fake message in chat: "T Maxarias: Look at me! I'm using flymods and hacks". It would explain how reporting works, and the consequences for abusing it. It could also make you do /rules to check the rules, and all of that stuff. It would force you to use /report Maxarias admitted to using flyhacks in chat, but of course, the whole thing's simulated to it wouldn't really go to Square.

    And it continues like this. Teaching the player about the worlds, but simulating the whole thing. It could show them how to make a shop-sign, and only let them continue when they have. The whole thing would be filled with plugs to the Empire Guide, and you'd receive a book with a guide, more rupees etc. when you finish the tutorial.

    With this, you literally couldn't cheat. If you watched someone do this tutorial, then they'd still have to do the thing, and you'd learn it. You could watch a video on YouTube about it, but you'd still learn it. Sure, slightly less people would check the guide, but they wouldn't need to as everything would already have been explained. And let's be honest, it's a lot less dull than the current tutorial.

    EDIT: Of course, while in tutorial mode,the player is invisible, their res is -moved, chat can't be enabled, commands that that haven't been taught yet are locked etc.
  8. I runescape, to keep players on their toes and updated about the rules, there would be a random event that asks you a question. If you don't get the question right, you get logged off. (this takes care of bots and afk players) If you get the question right, you get rewarded with a small amount of money or items depending on how fast you answered the question(s).

    I think adding this idea to the game, where you are kept up with the rules, commands, and updates with random questions rewarding the player.
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  9. Kicked or temp banned? I temp ban would be quite extreme. A kick wouldn't be much of anything...

    Mind if I edit that into the OP? I really like that idea?
  10. You're welcome too. =] It's probably easier to just put this link in though: http://empireminecraft.com/posts/309215/
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  11. There is a problem with the tutorial, its on YouTube how to complete it.
  12. i agree the tutorial that i tried was easy but i still hardly know any of the commands! i recon a new tutorial with nearly all of the commands would be useful
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  13. Yes, you get the video after googeling 3 sec. that isn't good, I think. So no one reads the guide, they only look, ohh the video says 4th door, go there.

    [edit] removed the link to he vidoe
  14. IF they realy want to cheat, they get the video without this thread. You find the video by using google in less than a half minute...
  15. can't there be a variety of toutorials like say 20 each player goes to a random one then chances of it being on youtube would be less there would be diffrent toutorials!
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  16. Thats a good idea! Lots of work though, but some questions can be the same on other tutorials while having their own 'personal' questions.