[Suggestion] A New PVP Map

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  1. I suggest the insanely awesome. My suggestion for those responsible for PvP maps, to create a two tiered pvp room, with the top level being at cloud level so "fog" can drift across the battlefield. Underneath this through access of several convinient locations, be it caves or secret entrances, is a small labyrinth of tunnels under the battlefield lit by redstone torches. The surface as I picture it is a river cutting through the center, with two small forts on either side. A Bridge in the center, and some small lanes of trenches for ambushes, cover, and aesthetics. Lots of open space to encourage archery, but plenty of trees and bushes for melee characters to hide behind. I will personally be working on this in a SP world and may share the world with the EMC community in hopes of a staff member liking my build, however if this is not possible I do hope that the staff will look at this thread and see what I have in mind. Thank you reader for taking the time to well, read this. Good luck with your EMC adventures, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    (P.S WARSONG RULE!!!!!)
  2. Love this idea! But how would they fit it into the arenas......
  3. This could be made above one of the previous ones and have a TP sign at the bottom to get up there.
  4. I have already suggested this in a way, I believe she said she would do it when time became available. :) +1
  5. This is my first time on this forum so I wouldn't know :p
  6. On the emc forum?
    Well, you have to start somewhere! :p
  7. No in suggestion box
  8. Well, you still have to start somewhere! :p