[Suggestion] A Machine Gun

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Machine Gun?

+1 17 vote(s) 70.8%
0 2 vote(s) 8.3%
-1 5 vote(s) 20.8%
  1. Sure, we've all seen Aikar's brilliant and deadly Machine Gun Marlix. And certainly you've thought, "I'd like one of those bows!"

    Item: Machine Gun Marlix's Bow

    Special Effects: - Would shoot arrows at a high speed.
    - Would have a cool-down timer, so you could only fire it so many times before it'd slowly recharge. This would help not make it OP. This would be signified by the durability bar.
    - No Power enchantment. So it's not OP.
    - No infinity enchantment. So it's not OP. Need to carry a lot of arrows.
    - Unbreakable (or with a high level of Unbreaking)

    Acquisition: - Super Rare drop from Marlix
    or bought with tokens
    or voting reward

    So it'd look like this:

    Machine Gun
    Some special lore here.

    Perhaps you don't like it all, but please vote according to your general opinion, not on this as a perfected idea. If this is implemented, I expect it will be changed heavily.

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  2. +1 Marlix is very difficult to spawn and defeat, as well as that this is super rare drop, to balance it out. I do bet it would be a little difficult and time consuming to code this. I'll also make a custom item for you! It will not work in game if you were to hack, though. :p
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  3. I was on mumble and I overheard krysyy talking about this. Basically, krysyy said this:
    It might be possible to modify attributes to make it faster, but not as fast as the machine gun marlixes, and even then it may not be possible. If it was possible, NO UNBREAKABLE.
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  4. Time for my first custom item experiment on my test server. **This in no way implies that the item will ever see the light of day.

    I'll make it shoot in a small swath back and forth. Should be pretty crazy, and I'll post if I ever get it working.
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  5. I think it would be better to do a crossbow. Machine guns do not exactly fit into minecraft. Maybe a musket (not this item)
  6. I keep finding marmex'a and they despawn, the ones i kill I don't get good drops so generally it is hard to acquire marmex bows, so the machine gun now would be super super rare :3
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  7. +1 I'm all for this but the only problem I see, disregarding coding issues, is that if this was implemented Marlix would have six custom item drops and momentus would only have one which is unbalanced but great idea!
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  8. Make momentus boots, or momentus head with enchantments :p
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  9. The problem with that is, any boots that Momentus wears won't fit the player. So it's not quite a fitting drop.
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  10. True, maybe momentus rib parts or even momentus flesh such as skin, flesh or eyes
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  11. Yeah, The big downside of a crossbow or musket is that it can't look like a crossbow without client side mods. I don't know if it's even possible to lock the bow pull 0n the client side, but server side, you could make a bow always shoot at full power or require a reload and be ready to fire on first tap of right click. A musket could work maybe using fireballs?? Interesting thought, but client side mods would still be useful to make it look better.

    Now.... rockets that explode on impact and can be aimed.... I think that could be all server sided.:cool:
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  12. I was more going for the mechanics of each...
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