[SUGGESTION] A few forum suggestions

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  1. Firstly, UPDATE THE SITE!!!!

    Jokes aside, my first suggestion is for the suggestions forum :p On the official XenForo forums, when you like a suggestion, they want you to like the first post in the thread so that the developers can get a clear idea of whether the users of XenForo, really want that feature? I think this would be good on EMC, it's make it easier for Aikar to work out what the community wants, by looking at the likes on the first post. Obviously people would still be encouraged to comment, but it's harder to go through lots of posts to work out whether it's a feature people want, or don't want. And if changes are suggested or made to the idea, it should be a requirement that the original poster edit these into the original post, so that it is easy to keep track of changes to the idea.

    Secondly, I think the EMC website should get a new theme. Almost every minecraft website running XenForo uses the Flexile theme. Spigot recently got an amazing new forum theme, and it's also very unique. I really like how here on EMC, we have a choice of colours, so I think that should be a feature still included in a new theme.

    That's all the suggestions I have for now. i'll probably be back with more soon.
  2. I approve of this suggestion. I would be willing to help if the Administration team wants
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  3. Bumping this!
  4. I can't do any major work to the forums until after DT.

    Site upgrade is going to be a MAJOR piece of work. Lots of mistakes were made that made it impossible to upgrade...

    So, lots of refactoring has to be done first to even make it possible, then it will break the site in so many ways that will need repairing :/

    As for new skin - I was actually talking to Jack about that the other day, and yes we will get a new skin when we update, as for one, our current skin does not work on the latest version!
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  5. Why not put all of our custom content into an add-on(s) so that you can easily update the site? And you stated before that the donation system hacked deeply into the software. Why not use XenForo's default account upgrades system, and use a plugin like this one on the server to manage groups on the server? Not the most efficient way, but it works.

    Once everything is out of the core software, just do an update with a clean copy of the software?
  6. Way easier said than done, I remember when the site first went live (hence me being the first ever member. not including Justin and Jeremy) Justin was having some serious issues with registration and pretty much hack and slashed it to all hell, I'm not saying it's not the right way to go, because it is. Everything in Xenforo should be modular via addons but it's going to be no easy feat.
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  7. That is exactly what I mean I have to do before I upgrade the forums... but doing so will take quite a bit of time.

    Then lets not even get started on all of the templates that are going to be broken.
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  8. I wrote a script to fix most of them but I don't remember if I still have it, I will look around my servers and see if I can sport it.
  9. Yeah, Well I partially fixed register side of things by moving our code to its own class and rebound /register to our own module, however the payment system is the big hurdle now.

    We are using the Account Upgrades feature of XenForo but that code has been modified.
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