[Suggestion] A death counter!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by agentturtle99, May 11, 2015.


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  1. Okay, well I have seem to be just pondering around the server, just bored and nothing to really do. I just really look at other res's and do /v random a bunch of times and see what people are building. But I was thinking, a death counter would be very interesting to see!

    This could be seen by using /deathcounter [name] (or command can be adjusted) and it would show..

    EX: agentturtle99: Deaths: 15

    This could just be simply interesting and something to do while you are thinking of stuff to do. This could of course cause a competition to the server, people trying to be the "Man With No Deaths" and maybe a leaderboard could be implemented to the server too. Maybe /deathcounter top and show the people with no deaths on the server. This could all be interesting and something fun and new to be in the server.

    If you think people will have the problem of not liking there deaths being shown, well to be honest, I have never seen anyone complain about deaths and money or anything on previous servers and EMC. This would just be a cool simple command that would be cool to see.

    Tell me if you like it, Thank ya!

    - Agent
  2. ESC (Or whatever your Menu button is) -> Statistics.
    Shows your death counter as well as a bunch of cool stuff.
    It's per server, so changing servers will also change your statistics.
  3. Eh, +1 or +0 don't really care, I do have a head farm so... :p My counter might be... a little high...
  4. This could kind of work, except there would be tons of people that have never died mainly because they are derelict.