[Suggestion] A button that turns Animations off.

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Good idea?

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  1. Basically I browse the forums on my iPad when I cant access my computer that has minecraft on it and some people on the forums have animated signatures (I think they are called gifs but don't quote me on it). Anyways when I am logged in and can see the signatures sometimes when I am viewing a auction their can be many gifs on the page and my iPad goes onto the home screen as if I have pressed the home button when I have not I click on safari again and my account isn't logged on and I have to log on again. My suggestion is to turn of animations to prevent it from happening. The problem doesn't happen if one or to gifs are on the page.

    What do you think?
  2. Save your login by checking the box "remember me." Close any other running tabs in safari and apps.

    I believe that disabling an animated gif from our end would be fairly difficult, as it may interfere with other things.
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  3. Try using Chrome for iOS. Fixed the problem for me and my iPod. :)