[Suggestion] a ban appeal forum section

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  1. Recently I've seen about a dozen ban appeals in the wrong place, aka the help section. Since everyone seems to hate pms with every ounce of their being, I thought that maybe we could add a "ban appeal" section to the forums.

    Now, this would be private, so only mods and above could see what was going on, just like a traditional ban appeal through pm. (I know there is a private option, because I've seen it on other xeneforo forums.)

    Now, I agree, why should we help the lazy? Well, for me it's because I'm tired of seeing "Ban appeal" in the empire help section. (Maybe make a ban appeal in the forum section barely acceptable as a ban appeal, and a PM have a better chance to get unbanned?)

    Anyways, thanks for reading this, any criticism/suggestions are gladly welcomed.
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  2. Aikar said ban appeals would be done as some kinda form "soon" ages ago - appeals would go to Square using it. Sadly, that is yet to appear due to EMC running on Valve time...
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  3. The only reason, I think people post ban appeals is because I/them haven't seen the rule for no posting in forums. And other servers (Massive ones) that use XenFerno and the XenFerno theme have seen on the forums, ban appeal sections. Correct me if im wrong but is there a rule?
  4. i am all for this idea. some people would rather die than PM someone.... XD
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  5. Soon to come EMC 2... then Speculation for EMC 3 forever.
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  6. What if EMC did
    Reverse Valve Time :eek:
  7. The whole point is to PM a mod. So, no.
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  8. Reason 1 why we don't have a ban appeal section: To see who is really paying attention to the rules, not just blabbering that they want to get back on the server.

    Reason 2: It becomes too cluttered and the post of banned players will clutter the recent threads list

    Reason 3: People become too nosy and get inside the banned persons business. Making a flame war that is truly unstoppable, "oh its your fault blah blah blah". "Oh your a griefer you should burn in the nether for that!". And etc.
  9. 1 I do see a point, but I honestly think it's a small price to pay for less threads in the wrong place.
    2 is an easy fix, make them invisible to everyone except to the banee and mods.
    3, did you even read my op? I said clearly to make it private...
  10. 1. Not really a small price, plus it keeps the immature youngsters* out.
    2. Then what is the point, you should have just PM'ed a moderator. A point of a forum is to be a open meeting with discussions concerning a certain topic.
    3. Sorry I was sleeping, just woke up :p

  11. 1 I also stated that if this is to happen, a post in this section would count as less than a pm. Easy as that, if you pm you have a better chance.
    2. because as stated above (nfell2009), people couldn't find the rule to pm, while other servers have most ban appeals in the correct place because of a specially marked, easy to see section.
    3. lol, we all need our sleep ;)