Suggestion - 100k Party

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by xHaro_Der, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Yeah :D?
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  2. yes, i had this in my head since we hit 95k forum members lol
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  3. Krysyy posted on her profile that she had something in mind, so watch out, I have a feeling that something like this is already being planned... :rolleyes:
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  4. Maybe a promo collecting death and drop party? :D
  5. There will be a thing. I can't tell you the thing, but it will be a grand thing.
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  6. shhh dont talk about the thing they might realise its a thing and that will ruin the thing
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  7. Yo dawg, I heard you like things, so I put a thing in your thing so you can have things in your things while you plan things.
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  8. You get a mill!
    You get a mill!
    Everybody gets a mill!
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  9. :D
    1.6 million strong ;)
  10. -_- of course
    this will be awesome if it happens
  11. Yea, but lets not make 5 sets of 100k armor, ok? I'll be at the party if there is one :p
  12. Awe, you're supposed to keep the thing a secret thing now people know that there is a thing..
  13. Wait when did we hit 100k?
  14. September 27, 2015. The 100,000th member is craftyminers123. :)

    Depending on how you count it that's true. There are a few deleted accounts that don't count toward the total amount.
  15. Agreed.
  16. Wow, not that long ago. What a shame he/she's derelict :(
  17. I think when we hit 100k they will celebrate for me not for the 100k. The party will be Phoenix themed with many chickens renamed and with lava. All for me......
    (I actually would love a 100k party!! Love to see everyone at one place!!)