[Suggestion] 1.8 Blocks/Items (Non-Compatible)

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  1. This IS a 3rd party plugin, but I believe that it would be so tremendously helpful that it would count as an exception to post about, so please read this.

    I have come across an amazing plugin developed that is compatible with every plugin I have tested with. It is called Carbon. What it does, is it adds ALL 1.8 features to the game!* It will cause 1.8 to be mandatory. I hope you add this so that we can enjoy 1.8 blocks and items! :)

    * Several features are still not implemented or are buggy at the moment.

    LINK: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/carbon.1258/
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  2. Sadly this plugin is not compatible with our live map system. We would have to remove the live map to use it, and part of EMC's style is to not remove features unless absolutely necessary.
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