Suggest minor changes for EMC

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  1. Okay, we have to say it. EMC has it's faults. It doesn't have many but it has a few. This thread is basically to post minor tweaks you'd like to see or little things that get on your nerves.

    Again, I'll say it again. This thread is for minor changes to currents systems you'd like to see. Not for plugin requests, not for more reses or anything like that. It's for simple things that wouldn't take too long.

    Also, bare in mind nothing here is guaranteed to be added. Justin has a life and he is very busy. It's simply a place to post little things that you think should be added and to prevent the forums getting clogged up.

    Here's mine: in the tutorial we're taught the wild command is /wilderness where I think it should be /wild. This is because /wild is pretty much considered standard. Then again, the guide needs updating with that as well.
  2. Maybe me could do something with the empty space outside of town like put up a wall or something.
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  3. There once was a bedrock wall but it was really ugly so it was replaced with an invisible wall that teleports you to spawn. If there was a well designed wall that looked nice though, I can see this being good. :)
  4. I would like to see a big Tomato at spawn on smp10
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  5. Fix the bug that prevents selling items with 3 enchants through chests.
  6. Maybe Add A Giant Minimoose/Gir At Utopia Spawn
  7. Make eggifieing in wild cheaper for iron supporters!
  8. Even Cheaper For Gold Then Free For Diamond :p
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  9. I'd prefer it if every supporter paid the same price and it was never free tbh.
  10. Or giant GIANT statues of the staff.
  11. Hey Nole I liked your Valve E3 Confrence I was wondering how did you put that in there