Suggest An Adventure Map.

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  1. So, my friends and I are renting a very small server to use for a handful of us to try adventure maps and maybe record some let's plays. Anyone have any suggestions on which maps they think would be interesting to watch us play?
  2. Parkour... Over pigs... That kill... COWS.... o.o
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  4. ...if this exists...please link me to it.
  5. ICC tried SH14 with us and we all gave up
  6. Recomend Christmas parkour it's really fun also the rising and herobrines mansion

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  8. Try Zombie Apocalypse by Hypixel, The Dropper, Pyramid Adventure by jakpokco and theres lots of great maps on Planet Minecraft. The Dropper lagged out my server pretty bad, it's still a good map though :D Ooh and theres a new racetrack made by FVdisco that is pretty cool.
    I do let's plays with EMCers too :D You can check it out here
  9. /disguise Squid + Parkour = Most hilarious thing you will ever see on Minecraft.
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  11. Not.
  12. I say we host a contest in which certain teams of people or a single person can make adventure maps and then the staff plays them and give out some kind of reward. Can be a 3 month contest to get some good maps in there. Just a thought
  13. Oh yes
  14. Already suggested, but any Super Hostile map. They are crazy fun, and hilarious to watch.
  15. Someone should really make that, I am soon getting a skype, and I have a mic, but have NO clue how to get adventure maps downloaded into Minecraft to play them... I'd like to bee in some episodes if I get help with the Adventure map... :D
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  16. I still want to see you doing a speedrun of Skyblock on hardcore mode...