Suggest adding BIG Warning to ForceClaim process

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  1. Earlier today I found a res that looked really interesting, and it was in derelict status. The /res info command even conveniently directed me to Type /res forceclaim 12705 to claim

    Silly me, I thought I would just take it over, like when the bank repossesses a house. You can imagine my surprise when EVERYTHING went away, and found myself standing on a 60x60 parcel of bare land.

    I was so embarrassed. I thought I must have missed something. Because when you unclaim a parcel, the note has these very direct messages that stuff will be deleted.

    But I just tested it on another derelict parcel (without confirmation this time). And I didn't miss anything. The white note doesn't say anything about stuff being deleted, just that it costs 5000 rupees.

    I really didn't care about the specific location. I thought I was getting it "as is"

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  2. Currently on EMC it is not possible to purchase a lot without a reset of the residence.

    I will talk to Aikar about making it more clear for those that may not be aware of this fact.
    Update: We have filed a ticket in the bug tracker to add a large warning to the process.
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  4. Thanks Aikar
  5. Definitely agree with this, It's a shame when things like this happen :/ +1
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