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  1. People are using this trick to win PVP, my suggestion is to give players minecart flag, he stayed here for a while w/out being killed. 2015-05-11_21.23.26.png
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  2. So if a player is in a minecart, you cannot kill them? And they can kill you?
  3. Yes they can kill u w/out you killing them
  4. exactly
  5. This is a great post to rave on pvp. Timers on tp signs need to be shortened to 15 seconds than 30
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  6. 30 seconds is a great time in my opinion. I was actually the one to suggest it... :p

    But it really is needed. I used this example in my original suggestion, but captures the problem perfectly:

    I'm fighting two other people. I kill one of them - it's 1v1 now. It's a close fight, and all of a sudden the previous player rejoins and picks up a double kill. It's not fair.

    Which is why I suggested a change. So, you're suggesting 15 seconds? What you need to realize is, with good gear, fights can last a lot longer than that, allowing the dead player to rejoin immediately. Besides, 30 seconds isn't that long to wait.
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