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  1. in stead of banning people make a tutorial explaining why there ther and have them anser questions like the tutorial bu has 100 questions and they have to get them all right or they are kicked for 30 days and after the kick they get to try again?
    what do you guys think? and i think their rupees should be removed from thier owner
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  2. I think that kind of makes the point of the tutorial seem like its a one shot, but I feel like the tutorial is OK as it is so -1 from me
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  3. i would put in a vote but idk how!
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  4. Someone people know the rules, but just don't care. This does nothing; it only makes it okay to be ignorant of the rules as there's no punishment for breaking them.

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  5. i think this would be a gr8 rule to make so that bad ppl get their lesson learned and thay can continue playing emc if they get it all right!

  6. what,my idea?
  7. actually i just reconsidered srry but if ppl get the 100 q's wrong then y would a 30 day kick solve it like what if they got banned 4 griefing and then they got just 30 day kick for it? that doesnt seem very fair if they ruined like a building or smth out in the wild tht some1 worked hard 2 build.

    so srry but this would b uneven punishment and thts not very fair so sorry but

  8. Yep. Banned players should be banned, no exceptions.
  9. No. If you break a rule you face the ban. That is how things work. Why should we give someone who intentionaly broke the rules another chance? They obviously have no intent to play here anymore if they are purposely breaking a rule. -1 from me.
  10. well,its only a suggestion, it may or may not come true!
  11. -1

    Sorry, but people that get banned know the rules but ignore them, doing something like this will not fix their use of what ever they where banned for. If they are banned and want to get back on emc, then they have to do an appeal, and if the appeal fails, they have to wait another 6 months.

    It is designed this way to get rid of people that play the game in a way that is unfair to others.

    Also if you are banned, there is a 3 strike warning, 3rd ban, you are not able to appeal, with this suggestion it had nothing like that.

    Plus there are many reasons why someone would get banned, such as using Compromised accounts, hacking, flying, pvp hacks, and so much more that I for one would want to see then go through the system in place coz then its on the log and if they are caught again it is a bigger compromise that before.

    This suggesting may work on some servers, but for EMC it does not....

    Also there are a few things that go on while a ban, as staff will verify that it is a real, and if it a legit they will move forward with the ban steps (wiping Funds, Wiping Reses, etc), this system would need too much person work in order for it work, as code would not be able to do it, as a real life person has to do the work...

    Hope my message above may give a bit of a hind-site of what goes on from a ban.

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  12. Thanks,it does!
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