Sugar cane/paper [MAKE IT RAIN PAPER]

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  1. Hello EMC People/Aliens ,Come visit 18886 For Sugar and Paper . The sugar cane Stocks its self ,the Paper I stock when I can get around to it .But what eves, still come visit me just for fun I wont mind, If any questions please ask below :) Screenshot (73).png
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  2. Is there any particular reason you are posting multiple threads on the same thing?
  3. Oh, and it's really cool btw. :) Like what you have done with the sugarcane.

    also very low price of 270r per DC of sugarcane, 540r per DC paper

    Suggestions: Make 1-2 chests sell 1728 sugarcane for 135r (1 SC). For those who want to buy bulk.

    And feed the chests with double/quadruple hoppers for fast refill.
  4. thax ill fix it up more but for right now thats all im going to do for now and I'm going to get a mob to remove the other tread :)
  5. Oh & it restocks the sugar cane about 9stacks every morring :D
  6. only 9 stacks? should be 9 DC :)

    but that's cool anyway
  7. lol yea i wish
  8. Is there any particular reason you double posted?

    Please keep non-auction posts to six hours apart.