Sugar Cane Disappearance

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  1. Sometimes I have all 3 pieces of sugar cane disappearing, meaning it has to be replanted. Normally the cane that disappears is random, not very often the same stalk. Sometimes it is here and there and other times it is long strips. Anyone else having this same issue?
  2. That bug has been around as long as I have been playing Minecraft. I do not have the answer
  3. As an explanation, one potential cause is the sugar cane and water being in different chunks.
    If the sugar cane is loaded in, and the water it depends on isn't, then the game simply thinks that that cane is there with no water, and pops off. It "disappears" purely because the dropped items despawn before you notice.
    I'm not saying that's what's happening with your case, but it can happen.
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  4. This has happened to me too. It drives me mad!
  5. If that's the case. That would actually be fixable. Not by me, but in general.
  6. Do you mean fixable by me or by who?
  7. It's happening to me as well...sometimes only a few will disappear & other times the whole row disappears.:eek:
  8. I mean, it's something mojang could fix. Maybe it is already fixed for 1.8
  9. Oh I see. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Whether it's fixed in 1.8 we can wait and see.
    But it can fixed by yourselves simply by making sure the sugar cane has water in the same chunk as it.
    Similar issues can happen with Cocoa Beans and Jungle Logs
  11. Mine is in the same chunks so not sure what it is then.