Sugar Cane by teh DC

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  1. Many people need that sugar cane well im here to help!
    I get 4DC of cane per harvest so here is the prices :D
    750R Per DC!
    Order up to 10DC only.
    Thanks for your time!

    [Orders may take up to 2 days due to my wild adventures :D]

    • SC can now be ordered for 350r!
  2. can i order one dc atm please?
  3. You could pickup later on when im out of nether.
  4. i need this to get a DC of emeralds, spent like 30 minutes doing dis xD
  5. Another Bump, not in stock atm. But once in town will be harvesting another 4DC! :D
  6. Can I order 2 DC? :p
  7. Ill get on it.
  8. BUMP! new deals added after this post!