Sudden Connection Drop

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Daemoshiin, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Not really posting this as an issue I want resolved, just felt like complaining... And then proceeding to whimper in a corner.

    My connection is usually at a solid 5 bars and I've never had any issues with the game, but as of around 2 days ago, my connection instantly plummets down to 2 bars when I connect and refuses to go any higher than 3.

    Going to /waste takes about 10 seconds to fully initialise and usually traps me inside of blocks for a moment or two, and there is a small delay on game actions such as opening chests or talking in the chat.

    The absolute worst thing at the moment is my complete inability to fire arrows while in the waste, which means I can't actually play the game properly at the moment and I have no idea why - Everything else on the Internet works perfectly fine as I'm directly connected to my router and have pretty good speeds, but when it comes to EMC (In-game, or even just on this website) I get major lag from every possible source.

    Anyone else having this same issue? Or perhaps know what it might be? (inb4 "Try resetting your connection/computer")
  2. This is defiantly a client-side problem, either restart your router, get a better router, or contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  3. I figured it was a problem with me, given that no-one else is complaining about it.

    I'm just confused as to why it's so sudden, and why it only affects my interactions with EMC.
  4. Well, sorta skipped over the "only EMC" part XD
  5. Hah, well that's why I brought it up here first~
    Given everything else works fine; from Youtube to Online Games, everything is great... Just EMC.

    Also, it might be worth noting that upon running the Minecraft Launcher, the play button reads "Play Offline" for about a second before changing to just "Play"
  6. Do other Minecraft servers run good?
  7. Sort of...
    That's as specific as I can get, hah